Tribal Encounters : Quantum States

Upon the precipice of untapped realms, Microprosopal residuals swept by indifferent epochal forces populated the occupation of appearances,rendering images for forms.Many wandering between shores , predestined by
allegorical inclinations to Natures mercy.Spectators of the grand Spectacle ,polarizing possible mental gravity,a subtle disintegration from every lobe and hemisphere.

Under the dangling moon,lay eavesdropping about terrestrial gods pleading for more praise and atleast a little reverence;for they where vanishing on the threshold of a society held hostage in its own brain chambers.The gremoire of the native pantheon seemed to be swept away into museums,as the Parthenon was to the English.

The annual Reed Dance had collected its convergence on the continuum of ritual activity,espoused by many Elders of the Zulu tribe for they owned profound knowledge of evocation.The masses regarded this as the skeleton in the closet that was unorthodox.The act was to be held at day break,the correct alignment on the Plutonic wavelength, during that winter solstice in the mid 70's.

King Crown stepped closer to re-acquaint himself with a congregation he hasn’t revealed his countenance to,for the whole season,he seemed pale as if he had just had a Poltergeist afore.

What would we do if these things we value around us quickly
vanished into thin air and only that which we feared to appear remained.What
would we all do,Will we be willing to rebuilt a new world,to let go of preconceived
ideas? “…mumbled one of the villagers outside the peripheral of audibility.

Crown observed the unitary presence of the crowd,carefully concerntrating their collective Will into a ball that could t in a palm,he had a proper control of rhetoric,like the Caduceus.

He emerged from his chair as if he was being accumulated into space from his
throne,many felt the density of an ineffable presence.It could not have been him,for he was rather still timid from the apparent paranormal activity,his former person was nothing but a doppleganger tyrant to them.

He reached for his sceptre as if he was Akhenaton,about to part the red sea,but only he was about to part the
red herin dialectic thinking upon their minds,as to make the unconscious mind conscious.He appeared to be removing the veil of reality,revealing to them a world without time,without strife,without blemishes,a canvas made of quantum states .

This revealing seemed to echo the veritable sense of the word,that is,relevare- to reveil,to veil again. Immediately as the populace observed its cacarss ,the body of the goat which was sacrificed assunder began to atrophy,backwards into time as thunder consumed the meat.No words were necessary to express the awe of the phenomenon,no exclamation could be reserved for this amount of perplexity,only the anxious pain of trying to capture
the essence of each pixel,this perfect utopian space.

”How much of this tranquility
could heal a soul,rid of discormfort?”

The mutterer,once again
The general vibrations on the ground by the girls dance ebbed and culminated over shamanic drummings,the people where as one,nothing was denied them
as a garment of silk assumed its beautiful art. The dance formed a field of
trance,penetrating almost every idea,every space,every single person was placed into another state as if by a blanket of electromagnetic fluid. It seemed like a place they have been ,before,perhaps in their dreams.It was as if the villagers contributed with their individual thoughts this idea,this phenomena,this form of which
is indescribable.

King Crown uttered “Fiat Lux,ego sum qui sum”,to a Xhosa speaking audience,and possibly other polyglots,for one argued that it was Latin for
the maxim “let there be light.i am,therefore being exist”,they had no
choice but to aqcuise. A white expanse of light emanated from the premises where he stood,scales from their eyes feel,the trip was haltered,altered reality they were observing disappeared at the alter,they can now feel their skins.
Art was at the boiling point,and needed to re ll into new vessels of Politics,drenched of its full effervessence in the arena of entertainment. Modern vistas surrounding imagination had taken vacation at hyper-stimulated sits to observe free virtual experience at the comfort of their dome” ,as the advert on the illuminate
screen alerted,in crimson letters as to invoke fear and desire.

Peoples his thoughts with affinity for substances of opposite form,interchanges their qualities,collides two worlds.Traces subtle universes reflex feedback.He poked the heavens and he awaits what is to descent from upon the gates.
at what is to descent from upon the gates.

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