I really really disagree with this statement “These are not useful life skills.
C. White

Great comment there Mr. White. At 33 I went out and bought a skateboard again, and it was standing on the lip of a large halfpipe again after an absence of nearly 20yrs that I swore to face my fears. You see it was at 33 that I finally quit cubicle life to start off on my own in business, and it was my facing, and overcoming, those fears that had brought me around to the idea of tackling all worthwhile and challenging fears for the rest of my life. And so there I was, knowing full well that going home without giving this a go would leave me feeling bummed out and a little let down and so it had to be done. I was very scared btw. And so sure, I slammed, but I got back up and I nailed it! What a rush, and what a feeling it was to conquer that fear. Pictured below is evidence from that day. That’s me, my new board, and a graphic of the great Nelson Mandela on the halfpipe. Nelson Mandela? Yup, these images are from a South African skatepark deep in the Zulu homelands of Kwa-Zulu Natal, SA. And yes, those are goats you see on the mini-ramp. Not too sure how many times you guys need to clear off goats before you can skate at your local parks in the US.

And as I mention the US, I must give thanks to your wonderful country and it’s people for also inspiring me to pick up a board again. It was on a 2 month stay in California that I got the strong will and want to buy the board that I have today.

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