It’s Already Inside You

There are a lot of books, videos and write ups on how to find your passion. On how to find that one thing in your life that you need to be successful or to truly do what you love. But I think we may be looking in the wrong places. In fact, I think we are focusing our energy in the wrong places. Have we ever thought to look inside of us? Instead of going outside to search for our passions or that “one thing”.

What if we took the time to look inside ourselves to find it? I was recently told something so simple but so powerful that got my mind working in a positive manner. A mentor of mine told me; “Jonny, it’s already inside of you.” I was too busy worrying about what’s next, what is the next move for the journey ahead after school, and those answers are already inside of me. The passions, gifts, and abilities, I already possessed.

I’ve had them since birth. But I have now made the decision to finally tap into some of these things I have been blessed with at birth and my eyes are starting to widen. And my mentor just gave me six simple words to get me back on track and made me think, does anybody else feel the same way I did or use to?

I believe God put the things we truly want with our lives in our careers inside of us already. The thing that sets our hearts on fire and brings us the most joy. That passion that is just boiling in your system about that thing you want to do. God knew what he was doing. He instilled that inside of us. Maybe we just haven’t fully tapped into it yet. Those things are just residing in us waiting to be unleashed in this world. They are just inside of us packaged up like popcorn seeds waiting to pop and burst extreme value into the world.

That energy we waste in negativity or the searching we do on the web, what if we turned all of that searching and thinking within? Took some time to think about what we truly have, why we have it, and what can I do to fully harness what I’ve been given. Because when it’s found, it’s our job to work and beat on that craft to become a master of it. To fully use what we have been given to the best of our abilities, because I believe what we have been given has not just been given for our benefit, but for the benefit of others around us.

It’s great how it works, that we can truly do something we are passionate about. Using the gifts we have been given at birth to help and bring service to other people. It’s a joyful thing, and we all have full capability of doing it. It’s just going to take a little searching within ourselves and not the internet, videos or books. And by no means is there anything wrong with those helpful tools, but I believe it may be a little bit more mind rocking to know it’s been within us the whole time. We just had to look within.

The gifts, abilities, and passions were instilled in us for a reason. God gave them to us to be used to the best of our abilities; to not only bless ourselves but to bless others around us. Those things we have been given aren’t meant to not be fulfilled. They all were given to us to serve its purpose which ultimately leads to our life’s mission and destiny. But before that takes place, we truly need to tap into what we have been given and harness them. The time is now. We don’t have to be perfect, we don’t have to have a certain income or a certain status.

We have been blessed within, and what we are searching for has already been given to us. It’s inside of us, we just need to tap into them. And when we do, the world best get out the way because our destinies will be in full effect and through all the adversity, struggles and troubles we will face on the journey, we will know it’s for a reason and our passions and what we have been given by God will triumph over it all.

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