Bloc — Bootcamp Discount Code: $500

I can refer you to Bloc and you will receive a $500 discount. You may enroll in any program that you desire and receive a $500 discount. If you are interested in enrolling leave a comment or send me a tweet. I will need your email to be able to send you a referral.

I graduated from Bloc’s UX & UI Design program in May 2014. After spending many months going back and forth trying to learn web design through free resources. I decided that the best way for me to learn and become competent in user interface design was to find a mentor. Having a mentor is by far the best way of learning something new. Especially when it comes down to a specific craft.

My goal going into the program was not to necessarily find a full-time job in UI design. It was to have the ability to take my ideas and turn them into reality. In other words build my startup. I was able to create mockups of my ideas and validate the idea (no luck).

Even though I currently do not do UI design full time. I have been able to do some freelancing projects for local companies where I live. I have not done this full time because I actually have other interests and plans as a career. There are many times that I end up using my design skills in the current endeavors I currently have.

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