Look Your AI In The Eye
Tim Leberecht

Need art always be beautiful?

Must it be polished to be presented?

I often find more beauty in the slightly flawed and partially produced than in the perfect completion.

As artificial intelligence seems to be constantly nudging our digital work into smooth, easy aestheticism, perhaps the next wave for human artists will be to turn back into beautiful errors, or even intentional flaws. After two decades of Helvetica, we may be on the verge of a return of serif.

When I look at the sculpture dismissed as inadequate by the resident artists of the House of Beautiful Business, I am delighted to see that they have resurrected Hundred-Eyed Argus, the original peacock, slain millennia ago by the god of commerce.

I hope that the team will bring this flawed creation to Lisbon, and give it a place of honor in the House’s library, where it can illuminate our midnight discussions.

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