You Know You’ve Been Online Dating Too Long When These Things Happen
Bonnie Barton

This is a good one and one that I can match with some of my Internet dating oddities. I’m sure you could have guessed. :) I routinely see ex-girlfriends, whom I met online, back on the sites. It’s awkward when we get matched again. I also see many, many real estate agents that I used to work with, but never the ones that I would want to see. I think the worst is realizing that they dated someone you know or that you know someone they dated, not because it’s a big deal, but because it becomes the centerpiece of the conversation or thoughts inadvertently.

And don’t worry, I have seen profiles after a number of years still there, in the same spot on the same site, and was like damn, they’ve been here a long time. Until I realize that I am back too. But at least the wording is adjusted in my profile monthly, if not weekly out of boredom. Theirs is still the same, which tells me a lot.