Digital Art Process: Last Son of the Silver Mountains

Okay, I am currently building a new portfolio on ArtStation to chase down a dream since childhood. After watching probably over 100 hours of Gumroad tutorials (which I highly recommend), I think I am finally starting to to get somewhere. There are so many great artists willing to share their knowledge and experience. Anthony Jones, John J. Park, Noah Bradley and many others have been a huge inspiration.

This is just a quick review of the stages I went through to make this piece and hope to provide more in-depth posts as I go down this journey. I am used to interviewing others so writing solely for myself feels a bit weird.

I hope you enjoy the post and feel free to ask me any questions or comments or critiques (always welcome). Thanks for stopping by!

Phase I: The Initial Photo Bash

I know what you are thinking… Cheater!!! Faker!!! Blasphemer!!! I thought the same thing once, too. Then I watched Shaddy Safadi’s The Law of Increasing Awesomeness. It made me realize if I want to follow the best path to achieving a dream, it’s best to follow those whose methods already achieved that said dream. So as I have been creating new work, I find this method an invaluable tool to formulate ideas and stretch my abilities in new unexpected ways.

A bash of four photos of Antarctica

Phase II: The Dreaded What Am I Doing Phase

The most agonizing part for me. Taking above bash and making it my own and formulating a true direction for the piece.

Aha! It starts looking like a painting.

Phase III: The AHA Moment Arrives

What self respecting ominous fantasy mountain range doesn’t need a brooding, self-loathing yet noble Dwarven warrior perched atop its mighty peaks?

Yup…. too dark, needs more something.

Phase IV: The AHA Moment Departs

When to finish? How to finish? What to finish? ARRRGH… I sought help. I went to ArtCore, Brainstorm and LevelUp and posted what I had created so far. Thanks to the very kind people there, who pointed a few things I could improve upon, back to work I went.

Phase V: Voila, C’est Fini (I think)

It’s always difficult to know when to stop, let go and move on. But when I looked at the end result, I can see things I could do better, tweak this or that but my goal was to create a cinematic, atmospheric environment with an interesting character. I eventually reached the point where I got that big ol’ smile that comes from spending a (quite a) few hours doing something I love and with the feeling that I did get a little bit better than last time.

Final touches, a little more light here and there.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope to hear from you.



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