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“If Trump genuinely wants to punish the groups that so utterly embarrassed him this week, he should withdraw his budget outline and rescind his nomination of Judge Gorsuch.”

Don’t hold your breath. Only if we somehow managed to follow the lead of the Dutch and mandate that in our 2018 and 2020 elections the votes be counted observably in public would Trump and the Republicans (of whatever shade of out-of-touch and cruel) have to worry about the response of the electorate.

NB that in 2014, with an Approval Rating of their Congressional majority at 8% (yes, 8% — that’s below the Hitler line), the GOP returned 220 out of 222 US House incumbents who sought re-election. That’s a 99.1% re-election rate on an 8% approval rating — with the votes being conveniently counted in the pitch-dark of cyberspace, no questions asked.

Fascism-by-fraud is as ugly as it gets, and neither you nor anyone else in the media will even consider it as a possibility or examine any of the copious evidence that it is occurring. Why?

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