I absolutely love the prospect of both Len and Mclemore has great low-risk/high-ceiling signings…
João Antunes

I like Len, and he might become a starter in the right situation. The problem (and probably the reason why the Suns didn’t move Tyson) is who needs a starting center anymore? Most teams around the league have too many 5s already, and they want to go small with their 2nd units. Phoenix probably needs to try Dragan Bender as a small 5 at some point, so if they can’t move Tyson, that doesn’t leave much room for Len. He will definitely stick in the league somewhere, but he could make a lot less money than if he had come in 10–15 years ago. Totally agree on McLemore. He showed some real promise last season. I could see him making a jump similar to the one Tony Snell made if he ends up in the right spot.

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