Happiness and the end of my social sabbatical in Vietnam

This week, I attended a talk by Dr Tho on Gross National Happiness (GNH) along with a number of the SAP Social Sabbatical team. The focus of the talk was on how companies should focus on GNH rather than GDP. Dr Tho emphasised that a lot of the things that make us happy, such as having friends or loved ones, has nothing to do with GDP or money.

I realised during this talk that the social sabbatical enterprise I have been supporting lives this philosophy and that the SAP team on my social sabbatical (Sol, Mathias and I) experienced this on a daily basis. It will be one of the key takeaways from this social sabbatical experience to live in the moment and to ensure that I allow myself and others around me the time and space to be happy.

I have conflicting emotions that the SAP Social Sabbatical is ending. I am sad to leave a great team of SAP colleagues and an inspirational social sabbatical enterprise that I have been privileged to work and laugh with for the last month. However, I am also very much looking forward to returning to my family that I have missed very much.

So goodbye and I hope to stay in touch with the Social Enterprise here in Vietnam and my fantastic SAP Social Sabbatical team. Thank you all for a great experience.

Final Goodbye