Great info! Any suggestions on how to find some for the feedback loop?

On creating a feedback loop… If you work with other designers everyday it’s pretty easy. On the otherhand, if there aren’t many others designers near you, I would suggest establishing an online network of peers you can ask feedback from.

I like the Designer News community since they give quality feedback. There are also multiple subreddits you can go to for design feedback including web_design and design_critiques.

These communities are great for one time critiques but I would suggest reaching out to people with the most constructive feedback and keeping in touch with them, whether that be through Twitter or email.

Personally, I use Twitter as a way to interface with all of the great designers I’ve met online. Once you have a few contacts, you can always reach out to them for feedback.

Also, I love helping out fellow designers so if you ever have a question or need feedback, hit me up on Twitter!

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