That One Bad Habit

We all have them.

I have them.

Mine are not really that dramatic but they still matter. I may not be drinking a bottle of bourbon before lunch or eating a box of donuts for breakfast but I still have habits I need to hammer.

For me, they are just small patterns or choices that can just take the edge of my full capacity or limit the amount of work I can get done at key moments.

What I want you ti understand is that habits matter! They matter big time. Some research argues that the vast majority of human behaviour is essentially a collection of habits. If this is true then the path to really changing your life is going to be directly related to the ability to change habits.

So my friend, ask yourself this, “What is the one big habit that is holding you back the most?” Is it a food, a behaviour, a relationship, maybe it’s a way of talking about yourself that you need to change. I can bet you anything that the moment you looked at this post you intuitively knew what your habit is! We all do! But let’s get focused on what to do about it.

If you go to my website at and use the search bar and type in the word habit or habits you can find a few videos and podcasts I have done on the topic. These are a good place to start. There are also a huge number of great books on the topic. Maybe you will need to become a bit of an expert on creating change. I also coach a small number of people so you can also reach out to me.

Today, all I want you to understand is that it is our worst habits which are also the leverage point of massive change. If you can change that one toxic habit then you will start a momentum shift that can become very powerful. I want this for you. It matters. You deserve to live a life of freedom and capacity and contribution and these crap habits will make sure none of that never happens.

Ok, you got it? Identity that one habit and get to work.

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