The Daily Grind

This is a pretty simple message. It’s not what we do on our good days that matters. Sure. we all have moments when we feel great and it’s easy to go for that run, write those goals or make the vegan, kale smoothie!

However, what often makes the real difference in life is what we bring to those days when it’s just not so easy. You know, those days when you want to skip the gym, eat a tub of ice-cream but you tell yourself that it’s ok to have a day off.

To be fair, there is research that shows it’s ok to have an off-day as long as we climb straight back on the horse. But my point in this post is simply to remind us all that it’s the attitudes and behaviours and choices that we bring to every day that make the difference.

One of the key points I have been making for years is that we all need to cure ourselves of the idea that we will ALWAYS feel like doing the hard, routine, day-in-day-out things that shape us into the people we really desire to become.

So, my friend. Just keep showing up. Keep doing those daily disciplines. They matter. They really do.

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