Why You Need to Find Balance Between Growth and Grace in Your Life and Business

In the Pursuit of Ambitions

Looking Ahead — Malaysia 2016

As a super ambitious college student with a lot of goals and dreams that I want to see come to fruition — hopefully sooner than later — one thing that is often frustrating for me is the battle of time.

Time is Money
Time is of the essence

We hear these quotes all the time. But when it comes to my goals and dreams, time always seems to be the greatest barrier to see things come alive, to see my plans come into action.

I will spend much of my “free time” meeting and networking with countless professionals in the community, just simply trying to spark a conversation with the right people who have an ear to listen to “a young 20-something” who asked to meet regarding a few ideas I have.

Time is Precious

And I understand that everyone is balancing many areas of life: family, friends, cleaning house, taking care of kids, pets, gardens, etc. There are so many roles that we all play in our everyday lives, we honestly need to give ourselves a solid pat on the back (go ahead and share your support by clapping for this post at the bottom of the article).

I just need the right amount of workforce; I just need more hands to get the job done. Ever since high school — graduating with a class of 68 — I realized just how little time there really is to get things done.

I wake up each day with anywhere from 10–25 ideas for projects or pursuits I am currently endeavoring upon, or at least would like to take greater steps towards. And the balance of desiring growth — at least trying to grow — with grace for my teams and myself is incredibly difficult at times. I want to achieve. I want to see things get done, and want to see our ideas reach completion.

One of my biggest peeves is seeing things like my passions and ambitions fizzle out, yet that is exactly what happens far too often.

I want to grow others’ ideas and passions and dreams and aspirations as well. Being able to see the potential in another person’s dream or idea is one of my strengths for sure! I love seeing others be built up, motivated, and inspired. The excitement and energy is a contagious encouragement and catalyst for awesomeness.

It’s hard to take action without energy and motivation behind the scenes. This is why I appreciate fellow visionaries and pioneers like myself so much. Yet, one thing I’ve grown to really appreciate is the structure and solid foundation of those who think completely opposite of me, such as students majoring in CS, otherwise known as Computer Science.

As a dreamer, creator, artist, floater, ideas-guy, entrepreneur….

I need the structure and logistical help to ground my ideas, ambitions, and lofty dreams that are always flying high in the skies. This is where my good friends who are truly excel at excel are incredibly helpful! 

Lord knows I struggle to spend a lot of time behind an excel sheet.

So, as we all work together and we strive together for all these lofty pursuits and projects… where do we find a balance of life/work, the balance of time/effort, the balance of growth/grace?

In the grand scheme of things, I think it is completely up to the individual and each situation is going to be inherently unique for those involved of course. One thing I would like to say about this is that in any role of management, I think it is vitally important for the entire team to know that each individual deserves grace for the time it takes to complete the work asked of him/her, especially in the pursuit of excellence in our work.

I often forget that not everyone has the same availability, the same work ethic, or the same energy levels I do when I try to work and schedule things for my teams. Yes, people are different, it’s true.

I wake up at 5:00am, while one of my strongest partners goes to bed at 3:00am. We all have strengths, we all have weaknesses, yet when we come together we can strengthen one another and be better together — cue Jack Johnson.

If it takes my designer a week and a half to punch out an awesome design that only needs a couple more revisions, then I need to be graceful of the needed timeline. If it takes me three hours to return an email to someone, I hope they have the same mentality to offer me the same grace in the delayed response.

We need to get away from feeling scared that someone else if going to abuse the privileges we grant them; we are so easily skeptical and quick to believe the worst that someone would take advantage of us.

We hate to let our guards down, and we so often block people out of our lives out of an unnecessary fear that they are going to act selfishly and hurt us.

This happens in business.

This happens in relationships.

This happens in family.

This happens in friendships.

Yet, if we are just willing to accept the simple fact that people can be good and we can all work on good things together to promote the good of one another… well, things can remain “all-good.”

I write this article after a rough week last week, that began with such high spirits and high ambition, that ended in straight loss of hope, captured in dark thoughts of “why bother…” because I felt that I had come up short with the expectations I had for myself. And, to be honest, I’m still upset with myself to some degree for where I would like to see myself in these pursuits for the things I want to accomplish this year. But, I need to constantly remind myself to find the grace for teams, and myself as well, amidst the desire for growth.

Grace amidst Growth

In my life, my work, my family, my organizations on campus, and the lofty dreams I have for the community action I want to promote. Things take time, and people need time to get back with me, and they deserve such time. People need the opportunity to work behind the scenes a bit without letting me know where things are at in our shared pursuits. I need to grant grace amidst my often-confused understanding of the current state of affairs.

I want to accomplish many things, but I cannot grow without grace throughout the journey.

So when it comes to working with others and placing expectations on ourselves and on our teams, I want you to take a step back and consider the grace we offer, or the lack thereof, as we continue to drive, to strive, to grow in our pursuits.

At the end of the day, we’re all people. 
We need each other. 
Let’s stick together people.

Don’t forget.. We’re better together — but seriously cue Jack Johnson now.

In Peace & Progress,
“The young ambitious 20-something”

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