We are happy to announce the release of UpdateHub Agent v2.0, a fully rewritten version of our IoT Application for OTA updates with some overall improvements. In this article, we will be talking about some of the main changes to the UpdateHub Agent that come with this new version.

The UpdateHub has been fully rewritten in Rust, but be aware, this is not a language comparison as the internal implementations have also changed considerably from the original Go implementation we had for the UpdateHub Agent v1.1.

We want to start by sharing some of the major problems we’ve faced with…

Choosing the right dependencies for your can been a complicated task. From performance to code style there are so many aspects to take into account for making this decision, and choosing the right dependencies early can save programmers hours of rework and refactoring in the long run. One of the important aspects when dealing with IoT devices is the binary size of the application, and that’s what we will be focusing today in this report.

Our usual choices for for server and client frameworks in Rust used to be actix-web and reqwest, they are both among the most popular in…

Someone working on computer and laptop
Someone working on computer and laptop

Here at O.S. Systems we have been working with Rust for a over a year now.
From type safety and a well designed syntax, to high performance and nice memory usage, Rust has been a great tool for the new products we have been working and even for older ones we are migrating.

Working with Embedded Linux often brings into discussion some common issues to the table when specifying a new product; we can mention binary size, disk usage, memory scalability just to name a few. …

Jonathas Conceição

Computer Scientist from Brazil. Interested in programming languages, concurrent and parallel systems, high performance, open source software, GNU/Linux and IoT.

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