A momentary hiatus from (some) social media.

No, I did not have a life-altering epiphany. There was no light-bulb moment in the shower or visceral moment high on a mountain.

I’m just getting off some social media for a while. I am not becoming a luddite and, yes, I will still get on Facebook several times a day. I’ll even “engage” with people and companies too (well, the people behind their marketing department).

I’m just giving up some. I got bored. What used to interest me from a academic and sociality standpoint just doesn’t feel the same. I don’t buy into the evangelists-turned CEOs trying to make a buck. As much as I like to look at the pretty pictures that sell you on a dream, it seems disingenuous.

All this time I spend on some persona on social can be spent on side projects. And books. And coffee and my dog. And actual work. All this time I spend ‘liking’ and ‘tweeting’ should be spent on making things. I love technology from the consumer perspective as much as I do the onlooker role. I’d just like to get ahead on creating more.

For most of you, this doesn’t mean anything, except maybe that I’ll have more time. If I write for you, lord knows I’d like to do more of it. If I edit your work or talk to you, I’d be sad if I didn’t keep it up. But I’ll keep words directed towards people, not towards some cultivated ideal.

Keep looking for pictures on Instagram! Chances are, I’ll just hashtag less. I’ll still talk to all the great folks I meet online and hope to meet more too! I’m just out for a while, until I decide to come back.

If you found this and would like to contact me:

Email me: jonathnroberts@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.e.roberts
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathnroberts

I’ll respond stupid fast. I’m not out of reach, I’m just checked out.

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