Scream Queens- Seven Minutes in Hell

Last nights Scream Queens… Man that was an OMG and WTF!!! moments. For those who don’t know Scream Queens is a show on Fox that comes on Tuesdays at 9/8c and its about a College Sorority House called KKT. Well twenty years ago one of the sisters was found dead in a pool of blood at one of they’re parties. The sister gave birth to a baby during that time. Now twenty years later a mysterious person called Red Devil is out for Blood and the Kappa Girl’s is his/her’s main target along with The Dickie Dollars Scholars. That’s a brief summary for my readers who don’t know, and should check it out. Scream Queens has an amazing cast and crew that worked really hard. I also hove how its just in time for Halloween.

Now for my readers who do know Scream Queens. OMG!! WTF!! Last nights episode was AMAZING!!! Chanel #1 is one good players because that girl really knows the game. She wanted Zayday to win due to Red Devil attacks and Chanel #1 feels Red Devils will come after the leader which is KKT Pres. Poor Zayday. I’m still a little mad that my KKT slumber party got lost in the mail, but that slumber was not one I’m use to going to. I mean spin the bottle with all girls lol I was all team Chanel #1 when she suggested playing again when The Dickie Dollar Scholars showed up. Truth or Dare more like Truth or Anger. Chanel #1 kept yelling at poor Chanel #5 for no reason, and Sam revealing Charles Mansion is Chanel #3’s father. Chanel #3 kinda gave Sam the most intense dare I felt so sad because that was Sam’s last hours. Caulfield and Roger will be missed at the Dickie’s House. Zayday and Chanel #1 showing off that girl power at the end made believe The Power of Sisterhood is too strong. I thought Red Devil was gonna have one of the girls. I was like.. OMG ZAY!!! and OMG !!Chanel #1 may get her karma, but I don’t wanna see her die. Lastly let’s talk about how Chanel #1 accused Grace that her bf Pete is Red Devil. Chanel asked ‘’Grace where is your bf tonight funny how Red Devil attacks he’s no where to be found. Let’s all sink that in. Could Pete really be Red Devil? Too bad Sam can’t come up from the dead and tell us who it is. Who do you guys think Red Devil is?! Who do you guys think is that baby?!

Me I honestly don’t know anymore. Like just when I thought I had everything all figured out… BOM!!! BAM!! A surprise always follows. I guess me along with the rest of you will have to wait and see.

Enjoy your Wednesday


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