The old ad agency is dead, long live the ad agency
Daniel Alonso

a brand is a usa term started by a janitor from harvard univerisity don.t morgan who copied 100s of papers by professors in the chemical labs on campus in 1932 who coined the phrase with my brand you got good health in your hand, sure to live forever my man.12945 snake oil concoctions were made with several labels slightly different from the top ten drug and medical companies dons cure all remedys fixed 1 a nagging wife 2 a mules toothaces mange in a pet aligator .could dissolve a dogs tongue to stop barking .elixir will remove all need of doctors for life consumers a name is 10% interest in any product 2 the quality etc of the product should sell itself 3 50% of products are just useless junk creating major waste problems .no sociology and social effects safety test done on millions of products. in essence a ruse to sell using deceptive images words music and psychology techniques to brian wash the masses crapola as an italian would say