Let me be your Superman, Let me write for you

The Establishment, the Rotten System

Hello, I am a writer and I would like to offer my services and write for those who find writing difficult and tiresome. I would like the opportunity to use my skills as a writer to speak on your behalf through the beauty of the written word because I cherish the craft and value its art. Not everybody shares my point of view of writing and that is completely understandable. Not everybody enjoys writing a ten page report, a two page essay or a long and trying dissertation because not everybody’s brain is built the same. If that were the case the world would arguably be a boring place, a predictable place, a place filled with a shallow blandness only a robot would enjoy and endure.

Of course you and I both know we humans are not robots but living beings full of complexities and precious imperfections. Yet sadly our imperfections are brought to the forefront more often than not when placed in an environment incompatible to a style of learning foreign to our particular human nature. When forced to accomplish task beyond our current and present abilities we, meaning you the student, resort to what the establishment calls, cheating. Cheating in the form of paying people like myself to write your paper or figuring out a new and innovative way to cheat on an exam. These actions may be shunned upon by those deeply embedded within the establishment but in the humble opinion of this writer, I believe you have nothing to be ashamed of because what you are doing is neither wrong nor right. It is a method of survival you are using to adapt to a system that refuses to adapt to your unique needs and intellectual well being.

Students are a part of a system that is rigid, structured and downright old. A system that has been in existence for thousands of years yet in all these years has yet to understand the beauty of the human mind and the intricacies of the human condition. So when we go against the establishment’s rules, laws and strict regulations we are labeled as cheaters and that my friends I think is a grave injustice to those who merely think differently than the establishments “average Joe”. We cheat because our style of learning is different from status quo and for the system to punish us for trying to survive in a place that doesn’t connect with our unique style of learning grave injustice and quite frankly I think it’s a moral crime.

The question we should be asking is not “How do we stop cheaters?” but “Why do these students cheat in the first place? What would drive a student to go to such extremes to achieve passing grade at the risk of expulsion? Isn’t school supposed to be a place of learning? Aren’t students encouraged to get a top notch education? Students go to such prestigious establishments to receive this education yet they fail to do so because they are cheating. Hell the fact that they ARE cheating proves there is something wrong with our educational system!!!

Where is the flexibility in our school system to adapt to the different learning needs of our students? Where is the compromise between the establishment and the millions of students spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to attend an upper level institution to learn and receive an upper level education? Where is the incentive to get a degree to prepare them for the real world? In the real world, there are cheaters who are “kings” and “queens” yet we give them a pass, or a blind eye because they are “royalty.”

Folks we should be helping our students prepare for the rigors and constant change society can throw at us in a mere blink of an eye. Teachers should be preparing students for the rigors of the real world, not playing mind games with them. Life is not a series of multiple choice tests. A fucking scantron isn’t going to help you pay your gas bill!!! And a goddam diploma or degree is no guarantee of success! So why does the establishment place so much emphasis on these silly task? Why have students jump through “meaningless hoops”, accrue mountains of debt all to attain a piece of paper showing the world they successfully played their game, kisses the asses of the establishment deeming them fit to excel in the workforce

People this is BULLSHIT!!! It is a lie because the real world is not college. It is like graduating from a swimming pool to an ocean, an ocean full of uncertainty, a sea full of sharks. It is no wonder these kids are scared straight because more often than not, more often than not it is the teachers who are the sharks and this should not be the case. It is no surprise they cheat because they are living in a sea of fear infested sharks. Sharks who constantly judge them, making them do things they don’t want to do, putting them on edge if they fail to stay afloat, doing anything they can to survive. In this situation students are in survival mode wallowing in the land of the sharks and if they have to cheat their way to safety, that bright and shining light at the end of the tunnel so be it, they will cheat and do their best to win because they are trying to survive in a place where failure is simply not an option.

We are all not bland robots designed to sit through a classroom setting listening to a teacher lecture his or her ass off about bullshit we don’t really care for or don’t really need to know. Why are these students forced to listen to the instructor’s bullshit? Why are we forced to play his/her little game when we think the game is boring? Why can’t we play our own game? Make up our own rules to learn the material we need to know in our own special way so we can pass the test or complete a project without resorting to lying and cheating?

If students have to endure the instructor’s bullshit and play their silly little games, why not give the students the tools they need up front and let them learn in the sandbox structure? Give them the time and space to learn what they need and want to know. An instructor’s role should not be as a conductor but as a spectator. Students should not have to be told what to read, write or play, students should be allowed to create their own music, write their own papers and when the time comes pass the exams given by the instructor without the need to cheat. Allow students to pass or fail but let them pass or fail on their own terms!!! Bombarding them with information, forcing them to enroll in multiple courses with different hoops to jump through and pitfalls to avoid makes the learning process an agonizing nightmare. The process should be more streamlined, more goal oriented and more linear (see Khan Academy). I believe this is the kind of flexibility needed in our school system. A cooperative compromise between the establishment and students would do wonders for the process as a whole.

People, students cheat because they find the system boring and uninspiring. In the current system they are not learning to prepare for the real world but to merely impress their teachers and obtain high stats and in my opinion this is wrong. It is a crime and a grave injustice to students because a mockery is being made of the learning system and quite frankly I find it fucking disgusting. It is the reason why I help students “cheat” or write their papers. I write to make their lives easier. I write for the “cheaters” because they are a part of a learning system that does not care about them nor the learning process.

Students I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again you have nothing to be ashamed of. When you engage in acts of cheating and deception to pass a test or a class you are not cheating out of malice or evil, but for your own preservation and survival. You are doing the best you can to succeed in a system caring little for your intellectual well being and overall educational health. I write for those who cannot write for themselves. I help them with their problems because I know, especially in this day and age; the pressure to succeed is greater than ever. Technology is making the world more complicated and daunting every day and in this daunting environment keeping up with the joneses is a never ending battle many of us find difficult and painful. In our efforts to achieve our goals and attain the highest honors possible we sometimes forget or even worse lose ourselves in the struggle for greatness. It’s okay to ask for help and it is okay to be less than perfect no matter what the establishments thinks or says because deep down we are all human and deep down we are all the same. People we see in the media who society deem great did not get their by themselves, they had help (Malcolm Gladwell) and support from others who saw their vision and understood their dreams. Let me help you, let me help you write your paper and your projects so eventually, over time you can grow to fully understand your vision and your dreams. You have nothing to be ashamed of folks, nothing to feel bad about at all.

Thank you for reading and I hope we can work together to write the best paper possible for your well being as well as mine.