Why people think hiring Placement Company is a good idea?

The biggest challenge in running any business small or big is to hire the most suitable and talented employees. Almost every organization seems to struggle when it comes to recruiting the right guys. However hiring a recruitment agency to bear the burden not only lets you live a tension free life but also provides you with best candidates in your industry. Below are listed some of the points why people think hiring placement company is good idea.

Hit the Ground Running

Since it is their bread and butter most of the placement agencies have access to huge database of eligible candidates looking for jobs. They are in a position to locate, interview and recruit the most suitable candidates a lot more quickly compared to your in-house recruiter. Since your business stands idle as long as the positions remain vacant you would certainly appreciate hiring a candidate who can hit the ground running, only a professional staffing company is capable of providing such candidates.

Quality Solutions

Since the entire recruitment industry works on the performance basis i.e. they get paid only if you have hired the candidates, they offer you nothing but quality candidates that exactly fit your requirements. This is one of the important advantages of hiring a staffing company. Plus they work on both active and passive recruitment something your in-house recruiters can’t do.

Best Candidates Register with Them

Most of the experienced candidates with more than four years’ experience seek the help of third party placement companies to keep in touch with the latest opportunities and developments in their field. If you hire a placement agency you get easy access to the best and the most experienced candidates in their database.


Almost more than 90% of the agencies offer a minimum of six months to a maximum of one year’s guarantee period during which you can replace a candidate you have hired. I wouldn’t trust a recruitment agency that doesn’t offer any guarantee. The more the guarantee is more reliable that agency is.

Save Time

If you at all decide to go with in-house recruitment drive you will be investing a lot of your time and manpower. Posting adds or classifieds, registering with online recruitment portals takes a lot of time. Secondly you will flooded with huge number of candidates regardless of the criteria and terms set in your advertisement making it an arduous process to filter out the right candidates. However if you hire a staffing company it will provide you with limited number of best candidates you can choose from.

Save Money

Placing ads, conducting interviews needs a lot of manpower and resources, chances are you will burn through your recruitment budget without any positive results. A recruitment agency on the other hand conducts interviews or aptitude tests at its own venue and own expenses lessening the burden on your pocket. Considering the long term view investing in a staffing company is extremely profitable, a few thousands saved today can save millions tomorrow.