Race for NBA MVP

The race for MVP is always a tight one, and this year is no different. While many people have different opinions of who should win the award and why, only one person can take home the award. Although you can make a case for at least four or five players, which include Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul and of course “the king” LeBron James, at this point going into the playoffs it seems like it is realistically down to two players. Steph Curry and James Harden look to be battling it out to see who will win the prestigious trophy.

To be named the MVP of the regular season you have to prove that you are the “most valuable player” to your team. Without you on the court, the team would not be half as good as they are playing with you. Of course with this fact, you also have to put up numbers in that stat column that reflect a fantastic season. Both of these finalists put up the numbers, but maybe one better than the other.

Steph Curry, the point guard for the Golden State Warriors, is the leader in this race in my opinion. He is the best player, on the best team in the league, posting a three-point field goal percentage of 44.3. Curry averaged 7.7 assists a game, made 91.4 percent of his free throw shots, and shot 48.7 percent from the field. His Warriors team had 67 wins and 15 loses during the regular season, which ended up being the best record in the entire NBA. Steph Curry had the best statistical season of his young career, as he is only 27 years old. He has really matured this season in many scouts’ eyes, perfecting his quick release jump shot and improving his already out of control ball handling skills.

James Harden, the shooting guard for the Houston Rockets, is the secondary option for winning MVP in my eyes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he won the award. “Fear the Beard” is the campaign slogan that fans came up with for Harden to win the award, and it makes sense because if you have ever seen James Hardens beard, you would probably be automatically intimidated. Harden finished the season with 27.4 points per game, 7 assists per game and averaging 8.8 made free throws a game. One aspect of Harden’s game that has significantly improved over the season from last is his ability to draw a foul while driving to the basket for a layup or a dunk. Teams look baffled as he spins and maneuvers through defenses to get to the rim. However, numbers cannot measure the one thing that James provided for this team throughout the season. With All-Star center Dwight Howard being sidelined for 41 games during the season, Harden put the Houston Rockets on his back and carried them through the thick and thin of the NBA regular season to bring them to the playoffs.

Steph Curry has a fantastic team around him and that really showed throughout the season as the Warriors came out on top of the western conference, while James Harden had to fight and scrap for every win that the Rockets got. You could say Harden single handedly brought the Houston Rockets to the playoffs, but is that enough to win the most coveted award of the season? Some say it is, but others say that numbers never lie, and if that is the case then Steph Curry will take this award home when the winner is announced during the second round of the playoffs.