I’m the real life Bridget Jones, so I should probably start a blog

I am turning 32 next month, been single for 4 years, haven’t been in a serious relationship in 5 and have been on more dates that I care too remember! My friends have always said I should write a blog, share my stories and hopefully a few of the common pains and laughs we experience when dating.

I haven’t until now, as I wanted to focus on real life and stop doing things just for the jokes and always assumed by the next milestone I would be in a committed relationship. My problem is I love stories too much! Sometimes when I’m out, I’m thinking “I can’t wait to get home and tell my friends about this” rather than just enjoying the evening and concentrating on the event/person/place.

On New Year’s Day my housemates and I wrote our 2015 achievements list (a more structured/long term version of a resolution) I wrote “less stories more, more real life” after 1) find soul mate 2) get promotion 3) buy a flat. Aim big ladies! This year actually has been incredibly productive. Promotion – Tick, flat purchase- almost tick. But totally failed in the other two so instead of beating myself up about it I’m going celebrate the stories and share with the world!

I am hoping it will create a few laughs and maybe some reassurance along the way. However, I do not want to hold anything back, I wear my heart on my sleeve, can be quite blunt but also sometimes a bit oversensitive about the long quest for love; so apologies now if I cover some emotional bits. This is also my first attempt at writing but will try my very best not to offend any true wordsmiths out there. I’m more of a talker than a writer. I welcome any feedback (I love feedback!) hopefully words of encouragement but even if it’s “you are a d*ck, why wonder you are single!” I will take it if it is constructive.

Don’t call me Bridget

I have always had an affiliation with Bridget Jones. The way she approaches indefinite single life in a clumsy, ridiculous but optimistic way. I’m sure she exists within so many real life women today. I know I could be her in many ways.

Colleagues at my last job would often refer to me as Bridget or Jonesy due to being one of the few women in a an office of middle aged men, all in relationships. I’m sure it came from a nice place and some would sympathetically tell me “I’d f*ck you if I was single” …umm not sure if that was supposed to make me feel flattered? It didn’t. I wouldn’t go there even if everyone were single.

I wasn’t offended either as it did highlight my ridiculous tendencies in life, do anything for a cheap laugh and despite all my dating disasters still hold out hope of meeting someone amazing (and deserving) one day.

What to call a blog…?

I have decided to call myself Modern Spinster in a slight ode to Bridget Jones but also to embrace the modern single world I live in; it can be frustrating at times but also a lot of fun, empowering and satirical. I hope you will enjoy. I really want to give this my best shot, build momentum and do a blog at least once a week. I will cover many of my ridiculous dating tales, reviews of dating sites I have used and I want to share some key things I have learnt along the way. I am definitely no dating guru so any out there reading this I would love your tips and feedback of my tales. Next week I want to get straight in there and share my favourite dating story of the year…

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