You Do Not Stop Loving Someone Just Because You Are Not Getting the Same Love You Give

For some reason it is stupid, because how could you settle with someone you don’t deserve. How could you let yourself be used to someone and something that you know wholeheartedly that is temporary. From the start you know that you will never get the same love and attention you deserve but still you choose to stay.

Everything you feel from that someone is “for now”.

“I love you” for now.

“I miss you” for now.

“I will make you the happiest” for now.

And soon, you will be left alone with a slightly broken heart as you may want to admit. Your heart is slightly broken because you know beforehand that the end is happening anytime but still, you feel like your world is crashing down. You still feel the pain in your heart that is not caused by a slightly broken heart. And you cannot do anything to stop the breaking and the falling of the pieces of your beautiful heart.

You cannot fool yourself.

You will break hard.

You only get to enjoy the time you had together. You get to make yourself feel happy for a short time. You get to be swayed by the out of this world beauty of words that comes from that someone’s mouth. You are beautiful. You feel like floating just because that someone is way too good like out of your league good. You will always love. You will always miss. Because that someone is too special to really hurt you and so be it if you will have a broken heart at the end.

You know it’s worth it.

And guess what? You think you will do it all over again just because you love that much. You are too strong even a hard heartbreak won’t do you wrong but make you love even more.

You are special. A “for now” love is enough.

You love like nobody does.

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