Ever Changing Way That We Commuincate…

As technology progresses, or steam rolls ahead, that people and businesses must change to keep up with the times. Long ago it was all about mailrooms and memos, going onto the fax machine and then in more recent years; email. Even the picture on the left is already out of date…who uses push buttons anymore?The way that humans communicate is always evolving and changing. Many corporations have their own intra-net, that allows the employees who work there to access necessary information when they need it, but it also allows the employer to censor and keep an eye on how productive everyone really is. Imagine how productive a world without Facebook would be?!

I think that because of the sheer vastness of the internet it would be far too difficult to manage and control all the ethical issues that are in cyber space. The recently dropped lawsuit of ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’, makes me believe that there is a lack of understanding or ruling, on the global stage as to how to react and punish the people who have been found to be pirating things. All the local country’s laws seem to overall any ‘outsiders’ try to launch a lawsuit against the people of that country. Ethically I believe that there needs to be a universal law that applies to the internet so that it is fair to everyone who uses it, whether or not it’s people, buying or selling goods, streaming, sharing, downloading… it should all be covered under the one umbrella. Not just different laws that get blocked or ignored.

Finding a job in the future, I think, will end up being difficult. If you look at the digital footprints/tattoos that people already have, how bad is it going to be in another 25 years? Will it be possible for young people of the future to go out and have fun but still get away with a stupid photo or snapchat that doesn’t get dredged up in their first job interview?

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