They got me Hooked!
Nir Eyal

No Playlists in Pocket?

Gave Pocket a try, no playlists is a deal breaker!

  • Instapaper: I add articles to a playlist (on the fly). Working out/driving? No need to touch phone at all!
  • Pocket help page says playlists are “under consideration”

Pocket Pros

  • Save directly from Mac Mail
  • Faster dictation

Pocket Cons

  • Tags lump everything together: Folders allow me to quickly file away things like book recommendations (found in instapaper articles) or articles I don’t want on my regular feed/”inbox” (ex. work, fun, articles with images etc).
  • The (free) app opens to a feed! You of all people should know how dangerous this is 😉

Instapaper got me HOOKED!


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