Dear Tomorrow Me,

You have a reputation for being the kind of person I want to be — disciplined, persistent, and reliable. I’ve always wanted to be like you but you’re impossible to get in touch with. I’m writing this letter because I can never get ahold of you.

I’ve always seen you as highly motivated and extremely energetic. You’re the only person I know who makes time for God, the kids, the dishes, the house work, the wife, and everything else that comes up. Honestly, I have no idea how you get it all done but you always do. I mean come on, with those washboard abs and more books read than a librarian who would doubt your ability to finish strong? I know I’m pouring it on thick but it’s inspiring, man.

My only complaint is that you’re so hard to get in touch with; I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for years and you keep standing me up. Now that I think about it… we’ve had a standing appointment for tomorrow morning at 5:45am for the last decade… and you’ve never shown up. You know for all your staggering potential and super human will-power when I really take an inventory of our relationship I can honestly say you’ve only ever done one thing for me — motivate me.

You have never done the dishes. You don’t eat healthy. You don’t read your Bible. You don’t call mom and dad. You don’t spend time with the kids. You haven’t even fixed the fence! And when are you going to call the dentist — never?! You always leave all that for me to do today.

It frustrated me for years that you never did anything I asked you to do. You have never once been there for me. You’ve been the cause of some of the biggest disappointments in my life. Every time opportunity has knocked on the door of my life you were never there to answer. If I hadn’t already prepared the opportunity was lost. I always felt like you were some distant person I could look up to but never rely on. I realize now it wasn’t fair to ask you to take care of my responsibilities. Every time you refused to do my work you made me stronger.

Honestly, you used to make me so mad. I thought you were lazy and irresponsible, but now I see that you want the best for me. I see now that all you ever wanted was for me to grow strong and persistence. You want to inspire me to work hard right now. You’ve always known that the worst thing to do for someone is something they could — and should — do for themselves. Thank you for always allowing me to be responsible and I’m sorry for the countless times I tried to make you do my work.

You’re who I’ve always wanted to be and you just keep getting better. You keep setting the bar higher; and the harder I work the better you get. I don’t know if I’ll ever catch up but you better not slow down. I’m right behind you.


Today Me

P.S. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. — Matthew 6:34

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