Anger in Love

Is anger a bad thing? Is it ok to be angry?

Here we see Jesus visibly angry at the religious teachers of the time. Is it an outburst?

Stop for a minute and analyze. What is Jesus angry at? Something they said, or did?

The hardness of their hearts. He’s not angry at the people. He’s angry at their current state of mind. Their indignant attitudes. He’s angry that no matter how much light he shows them, they choose to justify their choices and in turn shut out the savior of the world.

There’s a common misconception that the opposite of love is anger. But how could the opposite of passion, be passion? Furthermore, if God is love, then how could he embody an emotion that is the apparent antithesis of His very character?

The opposite of love is indifference. Jesus is angry at the religious leaders BECAUSE he loves them. Anger is simply a facet of true, Christ-like love.

Inspired by Mark 3:5

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