Day 0 — Daily Journal (Daniel Fast)

First things first. I want to follow some metrics daily as Stephanie and I go through this diet (or fast) along with our Bible study group.


For simplicity’s sake, I will rate all of these on a scale of 0–10 (obviously not including weight). I’ll begin tracking these tomorrow on Day 1. Success or failure really hinges on these metrics.

  • Weight
  • Energy Level
  • Fullness
  • Practicality

It’s worth noting that we eat pretty healthily on a day-to-day basis already. Yes, we drink coffee every morning, so that’ll hurt pretty bad come the morning. I’m curious if taking these extra steps is worth the time and effort.

The point of the Daniel Diet is to cleanse preservatives and additives out of the body all while eating the ‘perfect’ human diet. For reference, the diet plan we are doing is solely based off of this plan.

Full disclosure, we are breaking one guideline by buying pre-made corn tortillas. This brings me to my biggest problem with this fast/diet/cleanse.

Questionable Practicality

In order for Steph and I to complete this plan, we had to get special and specific groceries just to suit this plan. We rushed to HEB immediately after work. Ironically, this made us late to the very Bible study group that challenged us to this diet.

Because we were running late, we were forced to get dinner at Taco Bell. Maybe it was counter intuitive, or maybe it was a last hoorah before we suffer death by fructose.

Daniel had a league of royal chefs to prepare his food. We don’t. -_-

Prep Work

The battle has already begun. We both work full-time jobs, so there’s little time to make meals other than the evening. By then, we’re pretty much dead. After the shenanigans with the grocery spree, we’re deader than the usual dead.

But such is life! Steph made some killer collard green hummus wraps for tomorrow’s lunch. We also threw together a celery and peanut butter combo for the side with a mini fruit salad acting as the dessert (not pictured).

We’ll see how it goes! I have some sincere doubts on the practicality and energy fronts. I also have concerns about getting the nutrients I need to fuel my current workout plan.

But hey, I look forward to proving myself wrong.

Tomorrow morning I’m planning on making a mango kale smoothie to start off our day. :)

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