Nothing is hard in this world
Ben Keene

Remembering Pupu

Pupu made a huge impact on my life: he proposed a plant (and spit) mulch for my infected shin wound after I fell out of a coconut tree on Vorovoro.

The island had King’s College Medical students visiting at the time, their collective eyebrows raised and heads shook at Pupu’s suggestion as they felt it would lead to further infection.

I took a leap of faith as the next boat to the mainland was going to take a few days anyway. Pupu re-applied the mulch and re-dressed the wound each morning causing the pinkness and swelling to recede. We discovered that the plant had an antibiotic quality and went on to catalogue some of the island’s medical plants/remedies whilst Pupu eagerly shared his knowledge/experiences with us all.

Pupu had a huge heart and I’m sad to learn that I’ll no longer be able to revisit him on the island. I especially enjoyed peacefully sitting with him whilst making shell jewellery and generally smiling/laughing together.

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