Credit: BBC ‘UK one of most unequal countries’

You Can Put a Price on Life

Since most money exists only in digital form, what value does it have? Finance is man-made; unnatural.

Isn’t it true to say that all of the things that exist now including all of the technological advances — it is possible for these things to exist and continue to evolve without the exchange of man-made digital currency, because they are physically there to be made/discovered?

The resources exist, regardless of the use of money. So then why do we have to exchange monopoly money for it to happen?

Example: What good is money if it can’t be used to prevent the loss of life? Currently, there are strains of bacteria developing resistance to antibiotics and there is no incentive for either governments or the $1Trillion private sector to develop new antibiotics simply because it is too much of a high risk investment, that is to say that they aren’t sure enough profit can be made.

People in the know are confident that the antibiotic is waiting to be discovered, but the idea of profit for an industry worth $1Trillion is literally preventing the advancement of effective healthcare.

Imagine a world where childbirth or any surgical procedure is as risky a practice as it was 100 years ago. This may be some way off time-wise, but naturally not unthinkable given that no novel strand of antibiotic has been discovered in over 30 years and some bacteria is already resistant.

Even many people with money don’t want to know unless they know they can make more money. Profit. Not surprising to see headlines like this. Whilst the rich get richer, the poor jostle for position above the poverty line; the line that is as real, yet as much of a phantom as the value of money itself.

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