I find it interesting and disturbing (considering people will likely follow your advice) that this…
Christopher Shaffer

The aim of the post was to talk about how to make the stakeholders of your site aware of performance. I do not cover technology at all and this is intentional because technology choices are a completely separate concern.

As the post states, the Guardian site is being loaded on a slow 3G connection on a iPhone. The purpose of this was to show the different kinds of performance but its worth noting 4 seconds under those conditions is not slow. A slow 3G connection in Web Page Test is 98KB/s which means in 4 seconds in optimal network conditions your going to only be able to download 392KB. The reason I test under a slow 3G connection is that this is likely the worst case for most of my users. Also discussing user agent is irrelevant, a responsive site is progressively enhanced you should never consider targeting a specific user agent.

On a side note, I would be proud to be a Wordpress developer (I am not), their community is amazing with the sheer amount of effort that goes into extending out the platform. Of course the CMS has flaws but I can’t fault the community around it and the amazing thing they achieve.