We’re pleased to announce that Crex24, a global cryptocurrency exchange, has listed the JOOPS Token with traiding pair JOOPS/BTC. Crex24 is a trusted and secure exchange which trades over 100m, daily. The platform features a secure and user-friendly interface that provides multiple cryptocurrencies trading pairs. They offer extremely competitive fees as well as terrific customer support.

Crex24 listed the JOOPS Token on December 15th, 2018. For more information regarding JOOPS Token, you can register at https://www.joops.org/

Project review video: https://youtu.be/9RvqpF2LdPM

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JOOPS Faucet claim your free JOOPS by visiting: https://wavesdrop.com/?asset=GWgADgean6zKWsby3wVQ1TSSWCCFZT9t28nZ2N5vweT8

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JOOPScooter was established in 2016 and originally started out as a manufacturing and retail distribution company, during this period we have become one of largest manufacturers and distributors of adult electric scooters to the consumer market. You can view our retail side of the business by visiting www.joops.co.uk.

In recent years we have witnessed the strong growth of mobility services in cities around the world, with the birth of some of the largest international companies like Uber, ZipCar and DriveNow. …

The electric revolution is finally here, there are electric car charge points springing up everywhere and the range of electric vehicles on offer has rocketed sky high too. Just a decade ago there were barely any electric vehicles around, apart from Tesla, who launched their very first prototype Roadsters in late 2006, and it wasn’t until 2010 when Nissan joined the party with the Leaf, that’s when things heated up. Then came the BMW i3, Renault Twizy, Porche 918 and La Ferrari. It has quickly become clear that electric vehicles are the future, but where does that leave city commuters…

Become a JOOPS scooter commuter

Lack of activity is the single biggest killer in this day and age; In fact according to research published by The Lancet in August 2016 just working in an office could very well be more dangerous to us all than those reaching for the cigarettes. Office life breeds inactivity, which leads to health problems, such as heart disease, and diabetes. Experts recommend that we do at least 1 hour’s activity every day spread out throughout the day.

Fitting this in isn’t easy in the modern world, when we are distracted by so much technology, and…

The Future Can No Longer Wait, It Is Here!

Welcome to JOOPS, the world’s first decentralized shared electric scooter Eco-system powered by blockchain technology.

There has been a robust and strong growth in transportation services popping up in developed cities around the world. Due to this new sector we have seen the creation of international brands like Didi, Uber, Mytaxi and even car sharing like car2go, Maven & Drivenow.

Now there is a new trend emerging! Electric scooter sharing! A new electric revolution! JOOPScooters are an urban commuter’s dream. Shared scooters are an affordable, convenient way to move around town and because it is environment friendly to scoot you…

Joops Account

THE FUTURE OF URBAN CITY TRANSPORTATION. The World's First Decentralized Shared Electric Scooter Eco-System Powered By The Blockchain https://www.joops.org

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