Why It’s OK to Show Your Anger
Mark Suster

I think Bill Maher said it best when he said that the Clinthese aren’t inherently dishonest, they are political “triangulators”, meaning they will get ahead of the curve eventually: politically, revealing their illnesses. Everything is calculated… and their downfall is that their calculations are often misguided and make them look like very, very untrustworthy. They are imprudent, at times, but they won’t blow up the world. What upsets me the most are their drug and prison policies from the past. Communities of color are dealing with a total nightmare.

And it makes me very angry. The drug policies of Nixon, Reagan, & Clinton have devastated our country for generations. It’s not modern “Jim Crow” — it’s modern slavery. Not to mention the fact that the heroin epidemic in white poor communities has a lot to do with drug and war policies as well. The afghani war has greatly contributed with flooding the country with cheap heroin, sold to people addicted to prescription narcotics.

Epic fail doesn’t go far enough.

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