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I find it curious, writing short posts, they still don’t fit well on twitter, a dedicated owned WordPress site isn’t worth it really, posting direct on LinkedIn seems ego, and writing here, well, takes time — too much of it.

This piece on job profile specificity falls in between everything. It was just over 1024 characters, it doesn’t fit a tweet surely — a link to it maybe, and as article here, I don’t think so.

Job Profiles

I find it so silly and odd to still see ‘java developer’ and ‘front end developer’ as profile titles; it is way to generic to be of any use when building balanced squads and teams. It’s odd, even at Google they look for the mainstream Front End Software Engineers.


So I started dissecting front end developer profiles to activities and tools and determined groups of skills and expertise. It seems that with some effort I could group these into these skill clusters: Package and Build, Services and Test, UI and Theme, Logic and Frameworks.

Each developer is a Front End Developer, but each stands out and has special powers.

Now for each of the positions in the diverse teams I can create a much more fine grained job profile using a skill weight which I assign to each of the positions.

An example open positions would then be: Front end — Package and Build engineer (this guy would help the team using Bower, NPM, Gulp, NodeJS, Grunt, GoCD, Ansible, YAML, Cloud Services, AWS, etc to the fullest)