Democrat’s Plan to Fight Republicans May Shock Some

Democrats are really in a bind. They were badly defeated and do not have many strategies. As a result, Chuck Schumer, the minority leader, has a plan to focus on platforms where they agree with President Trump.

I’m sure I lost a few democrats after reading that first paragraph. To imply that democrats will actually WORK with Trump seems blasphemous, even a little sacrilegious. But keep in mind, as much as we might despise Trump, our real enemy are republicans. Some of Trump’s campaign promises were taken out of a book of democratic platforms. The more items we plan to work on with Trump, the more we divide the President from republicans.

Bernie Sanders, Tammy Baldwin and Sherrod Brown are proposing items that democrats historically have pushed and republicans have historically fought.

For example, Brown introduced legislation that would require our tax money be spent on American made goods. From the senate floor, Schumer asked Trump to label China as a currency manipulator. In addition, democrats proposed a $1 trillion infrastructure plan over ten years. Lastly, Baldwin wrote a letter to Trump, imploring him to stick to his campaign message regarding buying American goods.

Each of those platforms belong to democrats. They were also Trump campaign promises. Revile Trump all you want, but it would be silly to reject our platforms just because they spilled out of his fat orange face.

This puts senate republicans in one awkward place. Do they continue to fight these democratic platforms as well as their party’s president elect, or do they suddenly vote to pass long held democratic beliefs?

“Do they gain some political advantage if they can split us from the President? Obviously, yes,” said Republican Senator John McCain. “The Democrats are trying to find some traction which they have lost and obviously to call for, and the infrastructure bill is something very popular. Time article

Infrastructure, for example, was one of Trump’s central campaign promises. However, Republicans historically have rejected infrastructure plans.

“I don’t think we ought to borrow almost a trillion dollars and plus up a bunch of federal accounts and incur additional debt and don’t build any projects to speak of,” said Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday. “I can tell you what I’m against is a replication of the Obama stimulus package in 2009.” Time article

Originally published at POLITICAL HAZE.