Donald Took $7 out of his Charity to pay for his Son’s Boy Scout Membership Fees — I Can’t Make This Stuff Up

In 1989, one fee expended from the Trump Foundation was seven dollars to the Boy Scouts.

Donations to good organizations such as Boy Scouts is commendable. That amount is probably more than I’ve ever given to the Boy Scouts.

The weird part is that his “generous” donation to the Boy Scouts just happened to be the same amount as a Boy Scout membership fee.


Even weirder? In 1989, The Donald Jr. was 11 — the age that boy scouts sign up.

Everything else is speculation. Nothing is proven.

It could be a crazy coincidence: the Trump Foundation just happens to give the Boy Scouts a fee of $7, the same year his kid is old enough to join the Boy Scouts, the exact same amount needed to join the Boy Scouts!

Don’t forget — if this is true, he didn’t even pay this measly $7 from his pocket, but rather from his charity bin, filled with money expected to go to noble causes and worthy endeavors….not to pay for his kid’s Boy Scout membership fees!


The sad part is that tomorrow, guaranteed, Trump will do something even more disgusting than paying his kid’s $7 Boy Scout membership fee with charity money!

Originally published at Poli(tics) Today.