Giuliani was Paid Millions by Purdue Pharma to Convince the Public that

If this campaign season taught Trump anything, it is that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his tongue-wagging supporters would still fetch his bone.


The “Religious” Right was so offended with Clinton’s “amoral” handling of her email server, but turned the other cheek to Trump’s flagrant bestiality. Despite years of investigations, Hillary was never charged with anything. Trump on the other hand, just settled a class action FRAUD lawsuit in which he stole college bound high schooler tuition money as well as emptying senior citizen life saving accounts! I won’t even get into his many sexual assault cases.

And now, the “Religious” Right is letting Trump’s cabinet nominations slide as well.

Imagine that Hillary was nominating a politician as dirty as Giuliani!


Evidence # 1 — In 2007, Purdue Pharma pleaded guilty to “charges it misled doctors and patients about the addiction risks of the powerful narcotic painkiller OxyContin.” ABC News reported.

Evidence # 2 — In 2002, Purdue hired “Mr. Giuliani and his consulting firm, Giuliani Partners, to help stem the controversy about OxyContin.” The Times reported.

Giuliani was hired to convince public officials that they could trust Purdue.

The misled doctors and patients regarding the addiction risks of Oxycontin were fooled by Giuliani’s smoke and mirrors PR tricks.


How many people died because of the drugs being peddled by Giuliani?

Approximately 100,000 people overdose every year on OxyContin.

According to American Society for Medicine, 259 million prescriptions were written for opioid drugs, such as OxyContin, in 2012. That is more than enough to give every adult in the country a bottle. Half a million Americans have died from opioid overdoes between 2000 and 2014.

Such high prescription numbers indicate the overwhelming amount of addicts. Of course Giuliani’s firm, that was hired just to make OxyContin popular, takes an enormous role in the epidemic.

Since leaving New York’s mayor’s office, Giuliani has made a fortune as a lawyer as well as a “consultant”. In fact, when Giuliani tried to run for president in 2007, the plethora of conflicts of interests was so enormous, the thought of him being our president was a political joke!

Drain the swamp, Trump? Lucky for you, those uneducated voters love you so much! Let’s see how much they love you in a few months.


I’m sure you knew someone who died of an OxyContin overdose. Just think they might still be with us, had Giuliani’s consulting firm not been so aggressive with fooling doctors into thinking OxyContin was harmless. Disgusting!

Originally published at POLITICAL HAZE.

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