Good luck, Tim Canova, Without that Glorious Bern, You’re Gonna Need it

Had it not been for Bernie Sanders, Tim Canova, a little known law professor, would probably not have run against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Democratic National Committee chairwoman. Tim Canova must have assumed that his chances of beating her were exorbitantly greater with Bernie’s blessings. At one time, Canova and Sanders were mighty allies. Now that Canova is in an election against Debbie, one of Bernie’s arch enemies, you’d assume Bernie would be swinging right along with Tim. However, since Bernie endorsed Hillary, he has been giving Tim Canova a heavy dose of the silent treatment.

“Look, when Bernie endorsed me, he called me and gave me his number and said, ‘Stay in touch and please call.’ And I have, and I’m waiting for Bernie to return my call”.

Considering that at one time, it seemed that Bernie had amassed a larger following than Obamas’, Bernie’s blessings go a far distance. During Bernie’s campaign, Hillary and her sidekick Debbie, were despised by Bernie supporters. They placed the faces of those two women in the bulls eye of any dartboard in a Bernie rally.

Lots of these loyal Bernie supporters had never even voted before, and a lot of them used to be Republicans. Few were stolen from Hillary. Naturally, they despised Hillary, even more than the average Trumpkin.

In fact, Debbie Wasserman stepped down from her DNC post amid accusations that she and top staffers had worked against Sanders in his primary challenge to Hillary.


Tim Canova saw an opportunity. If Democratic hatred for Hillary and Debbie magnified, or at least stayed as potent as it was, Tim thought he might have a chance against her. Tim Canova’s greatest weapon was Bernie Sanders. Tim piled all his chips in Bernie’s corner, confident that he had a chance.

Tim never considered that Bernie would betray the independent cause.

Bernie Sanders launched Our Revolution, a new grassroots political organization, last Wednesday night. He stood at the podium and endorsed a bunch of candidates by name whom the group is endorsing. He didn’t mention Tim Canova though.

Bernie has mentioned Hillary and has even campaigned with her…but not Tim Canova. Tell a Bernie supporter a few months ago that such an outcome would occur, that Bernie would campaign for Hillary but not for Tim Canova, and they’d probably spit you in the eye.

At least Tim Canova’s name is listed on the Our Revolution website, as someone the organization supports. But that’s as far as Bernie’s support runneth. It’s like Bernie tossing Tim a few breadcrumbs.


A few months ago, Sanders announced his support for Canova and sent fundraising emails to his supporters on behalf of Canova. The two had always had something of a good relationship. In 2011, Sanders appointed Canova to an advisory committee abut Federal Reserve reform, according to the Miami Herald.

Back then, when the skies were rosy and the birds were singing, Tim Canova was something of a hero in Bernie’s anti-establishment primary contest. Canova’s face off with Debbie takes place today for Florida’s 23rd Congressional district. Polls have him losing pretty bad — double digits. Things would have been different if Bernie showed his face.

Tim would probably be the first to admit that the Bern failed him This impressive political revolution that was supposed to blossom from Bernie’s defeat, didn’t even make it out of the parking lot.


Our Revolution just started, but eight of the group’s original 15 staff members quit after Sanders named his former campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, as president. There was also some passionate debated about his decision to seek 501©(4) status, which allows the group to collect large contributions and keep donors secret.

What a minute!

Our Revolution was supposed to be that grass roots symbol of the progressive movement. Remember that little bird that landed on Bernie’s podium?! Come on! That was some moving shit!

Within hours however, the organization sadly became another grout on that steel capitalistic assembly line machine.

Bernie has always been talking about a “political revolution” against the elite. But it seems Bernie’s ultimate plan was to place all of this collected anger behind the Democratic party. No one can argue that.


Our Revolution is a great name. But if you check out the website and watch the snazzy video, you’ll have some questions, especially if you have been raving about how much you felt the “Bern”.

The video implies that the passion and energy of Bernie’s millions of supporters will not be vanquished. That is a given. The Bern was immense. Not to capitalize on this expendable fortune of passion and good will, would be a total waste! In the video, Bernie lays out his final three commandments.

1 — bringing millions of working people and young people into the political system

2 — inspiring, recruiting and supporting progressive candidates across the entire spectrum of government — from school board to the US Senate

3 — educating the public about the most pressing issues confronting our nation and the bold solutions needed to address them.


Considering that every politician endorsed on the “Our Revolution” website is a democrat, one would assume that when Bernie refers to “the political system” and “progressive candidates” he is referring to Democrats.

Of all the hundreds of politicians on his website, the only independent is Bernie.

Bernie’s Our Revolution is nothing more than a mechanism to catapult his supporters across the canyon to the Democrats.

Bernie helped Canova out. The Canova campaign got more than 100,000 donations totaling more than $2.25 million between April and July. A lot of this, undoubtedly, came from Bernie appeals. One Bernie fundraising email brought in $225,000!

Things changed when Sanders endorsed Hillary. What happens to someone’s allies when their enemies become their best friends? After a year of calling Hillary and Debbie every name in the book, suddenly Bernie was playing hopscotch with them.


Something made Bernie do a 180 with Hillary. One day, she was the devil incarnate and the next he was endorsing her. Certainly his legacy was a big factor in drawing him to “the other side”. What if Bernie continued his demonizing of Hillary, culminating in her loss to Trump? After his lengthy political career, Bernie would be remembered as another Ross Perot.

Tim Canova might have won had Bernie stood up for him. As a result, Debbie will definitely be victorious. Just a few people know what really inspired Bernie to turn against his troops. Regardless, I can’t think of one flattering answer that might make the leader of a dying social movement look good.

Originally published at Poli(tics) Today.