Hillary Shows how Republican Nominee Has Made His Fortune on Outsourcing — Disgusting!

Imagine you were running for president. Also, let’s say you are severely inexperienced for the position. One sure way to get lots of votes is to emphasize how, if elected, you would return all of those jobs Americans lost to cheaper oversea’s markets. Let’s also imagine that you are a successful businessman, who has made a fortune on doing the exact thing you condemn, giving jobs to foreign markets or illegal aliens. I bet you could see where this is going…

Outsourcing has been a key part of Trump’s campaign. The only two ideas he has offered since his campaign began, the Great Wall and his pledge to export illegal Hispanics, were made to gain the middle-aged uneducated male vote, the same demographic that has lost jobs to illegals.


Trump has constantly criticized companies like Carrier and Nabisco for outsourcing and threatening to impose tariffs on goods American companies produce overseas. He has even dangled a 45% tariff on Chinese imports in front of his supporter’s drooling faces. Such a shallow conviction certainly keeps Trump attractive to much of the Mid-West.

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton toured the Knotty Tie Co. store in Denver, Colorado. Unlike The Donald, this store makes ties in America. Hillary proposed that Trump employ them instead of the Chinese sweatshop that makes Trump ties in Beijing.

Clinton said, “It’s not just his ties, Donald Trump makes his suits in Mexico, not Ohio, where he could; his furniture in Turkey, not Pennsylvania, where he could; his picture frames in India, not Wisconsin, where he could.”

So when he promises us to get our jobs back, he is clearly lying to his supporters on so many fronts. Please, if any Trumpkins find my logic incorrect, correct it: But what Trump is implying, is that he is allowed to send his job overseas to save money, but no other companies can. If you can’t see the glaring hypocrisy of such a statement, than maybe you should vote for Trump.


He must think his supporters would blindly follow him off a cliff.

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lost any voters.”

I’m not sure why any American would condone replacing American workers with Chinese workers. But, some Republicans in a complete betrayal of American values, feel that they must justify Trump’s outsourcing, after all he is the Republican nominee. They claim that Trump is a businessman, and is doing what he must to make the best profit.

I won’t agree with a Trumpkin often, but on that, I do.

We live in a global economy. As much as we like the thought of having our products made down the street, those days are over. Instead of promising to return the past, we need to channel our resources into education, and prepare for the future.


I have no problem with what Trump is doing. By employing these Chinese sweat shops, Trump is able to provide America with cheap products. If he had them made in America, production costs would undoubtedly be exponentially higher. The whole two faced persona though is what really chaps my ass. As a result, these manufacturing jobs that Trump has pledged to return to America don’t exist anymore. Those factories, where Laverne and Shirley put on bottle caps, don’t exist anymore. It would take a lot more than some tariffs to bring those jobs back. Trump would have to reshape the global economy, disassemble the technological age, and revitalize the manufacturing age.


Originally published at Poli(tics) Today.