When Trump became our president, I was worried about so many things, it was difficult to just focus on one. Wars, the stock market, terrorism, were just a sample of the concerns gyrating through my head. This jungle of misgivings has only become more intimidating since. It seems everyday, another grave concern stems from the Trump presidency. Within this long and strange trip, it is so easy to forget some troubles that would have been cardinal in any other circumstance. Take what is going on in Disney World for example. As if he hasn’t destroyed enough sacred institutions, now the Donald is hijacking Disney World’s Hall of Presidents.

What true patriot would not be bothered by seeing Donald Trump grouped together with Ben Franklin, George Washington, JFK, and Abraham Lincoln? All of these men are heroes, I consider some even to be legends. And now, Donald Trump — sexual predator and convicted fraudster — stands among them?!

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In case you’ve never watched the Hall of Presidents, it is awesome. It is a Magic Kingdom attraction featuring all of our previous presidents. At the end of the presentation, whoever our current president is, says a few uplifting things like “Let’s make America great again!” or “You’re fired.” or “I have a great relationship with the blacks.” or “I’m really rich.” Ever since the presentation has been around, by the time the current president speaks, after the audience had watched a very patriotic program of our country, the words spoken are very inspirational.

However, President Trump has been battling with Walt Disney World Imagineers over what his dummy says during his speech. Trump aides have insisted on writing the speech, and request Walt Disney World stay out of the process.

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“When Disney tried to get this process started earlier this year,” the source explained to Vice, “Trump’s people said, ‘We’ll be writing the speech that the -president’s audio-animatronic figure will be saying.’ “ TheHill article

You don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to see how atrocious this could be for peachy clean Disney World. Let’s face it, Disney is skating on thin ice with them loyal Trumpkins. Johnny Depp, star of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, suggested assassinating the president.

For the past few months, anti-Trump petitions have been urging Disney to keep the Trump robot in the sacred attraction silent. In March, according to a MotherBoard article, these protesters got what they wanted. Disney explained it would feature a Trump robot in the Hall of Presidents, but it would be keep it’s metallic orange lips shut!

Imagine that! A silent Trump.

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That didn’t go down too well with the impassioned Trumpkin. Now it is determined, that the Trump dummy will speak, but what it will say is up for debate.

You could be the YUGEST Trump supporter in the world. Still, you can’t argue that appearance is the most important thing to him. Trump makes his money by placing his name and image on other company’s billboards. Donald Trump knows how important his image is. Not even to mention the size of his ego. Being next to some of the greatest Americans to ever live, must be a nice boost to his ego.

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This morning, there is a news story that Donald Trump created a fake Times magazine cover and plastered it in every Trump golf club house. He looks striking on the cover and quite impressive. But it is fake. Eric Trump probably did it while he was grounded for saying Ivanka influenced papa’s Syria’s decision.

Whoever has an ego this enormous, must have their Hall of President’s speech be loaded with flowery compliments.


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