New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, is an enormous Trumpkin. Never before has anyone in Trump’s cabinet professed his love and adoration for Trump so many times, literally. In fact, Scaramucci has yet to give a speech, since taking his new position, without praising our president.

Few things in our cosmos are more unpredictable than love. Scaramucci’s new found love is certainly no exception. Just a few years ago, he was adamantly against Trump. His recently deleted tweets should leave no doubt that Scaramucci was not always Trump’s fan.

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He also used to be a big Hillary supporter.

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So then, why would Trump select him as his White House communications director? You’d think Trump, of all people, would want someone who was utterly loyal. Not someone who was badmouthing him a few months ago.

Scaramucci will get approval for the multi-million dollar sale of his hedgefund to China through Trump. As long as he does a good job in office.

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Scaramucci needs Trump a lot more than Trump needs him. As a result, Scaramucci’s loyalty is forced. If he does anything to rub Trump wrong, he will lose a lot of money.

In January, Scaramucci, the founder of hedge fund network Skybridge Capital, agreed to sell the hedge fund for an undisclosed price to HNA Group, a Chinese company. However, before the deal is final, it needs to be approved by the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States, CFIUS. This agency evaluates the sales of US businesses to foreign entities. Also at the time that this deal was struck, he joined the Trump administration. What better insurance can you have that the sale will transpire, than by working with the officials that will approve the deal? CNN article

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Chinese companies have been buying up America, making any transaction to China a carefully weighed deal.

Jeremy Zucker, co-chair of Dechert’s International Trade and Government Regulation practice said that there appears to be a “growing number of Chinese transactions that encounter resistance with CFIUS.” However, he added that can at least partially be explained by the surge of Chinese investment into the United States. CNN article

China’s investment in the United States spiked to $46.2 billion in 2016, tripling from the year before, according to research firm Rhodium Group.

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CFIUS’ main objective is to limit the number of US companies being sold to China. Scaramucci is in the best position to assure that his deal is approved. As long as he obeys Trump, he will get what he wants.

Quite artfully, Trump has attained the most loyal subject available. Despite all of the disdain for Trump as a person and for his political views, Scaramucci brushes it all aside for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Trump has seen Scaramucci’s tweets about him. He knows that Scaramucci warned other republicans to stay out of the “Trump spectacle” and that he thinks that Trump is an “odd guy”.

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Although Scaramucci had expressed such a vile opinion of our president, Trump handed him quite an important position. It isn’t like Trump was sold on his track record. The guy never even worked in the government.

1 — Never worked in government.

2 — Despises President Trump.


3 — Needs government approval to have his sale to China finalized.

Which of those three do you think was the motivating factor behind the hiring?

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Someone was deprived of affection as a child. Trump needs to feel loved. Do you remember when everyone in his cabinet listed why they felt Trump was awesome? Weird. Scaramucci’s hiring is no different. Nothing is more important to Trump than money. He assumes everyone is driven by similar monetary lust. If Scaramucci can profess his love to Trump enough times, than his deal will go through.

Isn’t that like the definition of corruption? I thought this swamp was supposed to be drained!