Republicans Must Demonize Planned Parenthood, So Their Supporters Vote for Their Trickle Down Platforms

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday that Republicans would slash funding for Planned Parenthood. Why do Republicans hate Planned Parenthood so much? It is all a brilliant campaign to get that overall-wearing bumpkin to vote against his and his daughter’s best interest. Republican politicians make abortions so evil, that these (uneducated) Republican voters figure their healthcare or their school systems are not as important as their damnation thus, they vote Republican.

A few months ago, I wrote this article. It was about how Mike Pence, our vice president, while he was governor of Indiana, depleted funding for Parenthood. The consequences were disastrous.

…the citizens of Scott County took advantage of the HIV prevention, intervention and counselling services that Planned Parenthood provided. Scott County is very poor. At the time, many in the county were drug addicts. The County clinic closed in 2013. By 2015, 150 residents were infected with HIV. By 2016, 190!

As a result of Parenthood closing down, the amount of drug addicts and HIV victims sky rocketed. Eventually, a state of emergency was issued in Indiana.

Drug addicts and HIV victims aren’t too important according to Pence.

All those people died for nothing, cause again, Republicans are planning to slash funding Parenthood once more.

Remember when conservative groups tried so hard to stage Parenthood members selling fetal tissue. What disgusting mind would actually think that up?

The photo, two cupped hands holding a tiny male fetus, appeared on screen as dramatic music played. Against this backdrop, a medical technician detailed how she was present when an intact 19-week gestated fetus was aborted at a Planned Parenthood clinic and, she says, harvested for tissue samples. CNN article

It was all fabricated and staged like an episode of Gumby. Remember how much Republicans loved that video? Disgusting.


The above graph, shows that 3% of Parenthood services are abortion-related. Most of the Parenthood services involve screening for and treating sexually transmitted diseases and infections, as well as providing contraception.

I’m sure every Republican who read that, spat in their hands and called this fake news. But look at the facts. When Mike Pence took away funding from Planned Parenthood from a poor district, an epidemic in HIV and drugs occurred. Planned Parenthood is just about keeping people safe from diseases.

These are facts that prove Planned Parenthood is not about abortions.

Why then, are Republican politicians, officials elected to improve our lives, tearing down facilities constructed to save our lives? Do you think Mike Pence already forgot what happened the last time he slashed funding for Planned Parenthood?

Of course not. He is well aware that some of his constituents will die if he defunds Planned Parenthood.

He also knows that some of his biggest donors want Planned Parenthood dismantled. In addition, if not for abortion, nearly all of of the people that voted for him, wouldn’t have. Why else do these uneducated, dirt-poor, citizens vote for him?

Originally published at POLITICAL HAZE.