Trump’s Son Digs Cocaine and Hookers

Any decent American should be sickened with the flagrant debauchery of the Trumps’!

An Icelandic entrepreneur told a Reykjavik newspaper that Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, rented an apartment from him in 2014 and had one helluva weekend.

According to a translation by Iceland Review, the entrepreneur said, “I later heard that they invited 15 Icelandic girls to go out with them for dinner and drinks at a restaurant and paid each one 15 thousand Icelandic krónur (around USD 120) just for joining them. Those that were ‘most fun’, whatever that means, would get to go on a glacier trip,”.
“Then I met him partying downtown that night and mentioned that he had been on the news in Iceland. Then he becomes ice cold and orders all his team to go to the apartment right away that they had to return to the States right away. The reason was that his then fiancée, now wife, had no knowledge of this bachelor’s trip to Iceland. Within an hour from hearing that they were on the news in Iceland they had left on his father’s private plane from Reykjavík Airport.
There was some white powder all around the apartment, someone had p..ed into the bathtub, broken the dining table and leaving the whole place in shambles. The did leave a lot of booze, which was rather popular [with me],” he said.

The religious right really picked a winner this election.

Look how they dismember the Clintons’! A quick perusal of most conservative message boards will reveal a frightening and quite creepy showcase of Clinton rumors. The Clinton family has been called everything from a family of vampires to illegally using funds from their charity. The religious right, who have gotten their name by standing up for ethical principles, constantly denounce the Clintons.


Ralph Reed, formerly of the Christian Coalition, summed it up nicely.

“Character matters, and the American people are hungry for that message. We care about the conduct of our leaders, and we will not rest until we have leaders of good moral character.”

According to Republican logic, the best way to gauge the moral compass of a person is through their immediate family. Unfortunately, the Trumps are no Brady Bunch.


After plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech, pictures came out showing Donald Trump’s hot butt naked wife making love to another butt naked woman. Now, it seems his son is a drug addict who fornicates with prostitutes. Plus, The Donald is currently the defendant in several class actions for fraud! I won’t even bother listing all of the cases that list Donald Trump as a defendant (more than a thousand)! I’m shocked Evangelicals would denounce the Clintons yet embrace these sordid attributes.

But Hillary is the bad one for (harshest possible crime she committed) unintended mishandling of confidential material.


That is the truth — every last letter. So please, I beg you to question anything in my article, because if you do that just shows you are a Trumpkin swimming up that river in Egypt.

You are in denial!

I just can’t understand how the religious right could praise The Donald so emphatically, yet have such a problem with Hillary. I mean six times, Republicans have investigated her, and six times they didn’t find a thread of evidence to compel a trial. Regardless, they are so certain that Hillary is guilty. However, Trump doesn’t even contest his debauchery. There is no question that Trump is a criminal, the numerous crimes he has committed is evident by the people he has defrauded. There are hundreds of young adults who were robbed by Trump when they were children seeking an education. Yet, Evangelicals support Trump more than they supported Mitt Romney.


Originally published at Poli(tics) Today.