Who Killed the Republican Party?

Donald Trump would not have been elected nominee if the Republican Party was in good shape. To this day, after a lengthy campaign, ask the typical Trumpkin why they are voting for him, and they will proudly declare “He isn’t a politician.”

Donald Trump doesn’t even have any platforms. He is a reality TV star, who repeatedly shows his lack of knowledge. His number one selling point is that he isn’t a politician.


What does that tell you about the Republican party? You have to provide some seriously lousy service to receive that sort of reaction.

A common complaint scrawled across political message boards, blames Republicans and Democrats alike. According to some of these nonsensical tirades, both parties are to blame for the gridlock in our nation’s capitol.

I’d bet my left pinky that the person who wrote that is a Republican. They have too much conservative pride to blame the Republicans alone. When the two party system fails, how easy it is to blame both parties. However, besides being blocked at every intersection, what have Democrats done?


Eric Cantor, the Republican pip-squeak minority leader, summed it up beautifully the day after Obama became president. He told America that the Republican’s most important job was to block everything Obama tried to pass!!!

With that statement, Republicans acknowledge their jobs are not to help the American people, but to destroy Democrats.

So let’s round up our suspects in the slaying of the Republican party.

#1. Donald Trump — He might seem to be the killer. But the Republican Party was dead long before him. In fact, Trump only became a nominee because the party was already dead. He has certainly fractured the party like never before.

Take Paul Ryan for example. With the likes of Herman Cain, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, Paul Ryan is by far the most respected Republican. Despite his accolades, Ryan’s future in the GOP looks bleak because of Trump. As a result of his lukewarm support of Trump, Ryan is in a lose lose situation. If Trump wins, the already strained relationship of Ryan and Trump will make working with the White House impossible. Many other politicians would be more effective speakers than Ryan. If Trump loses in this close election, many pro-Trump GOPers will resent Ryan for not endorsing their parties nominee.


#2. Junior — 2008 would be the date written on the Republican’s tombstone. That was the year Lehman Brothers collapsed and the Great Recession began. In addition, public sentiment had all but soured regarding the Iraq War. When it became evident, that Junior’s administration doctored documents that would eventually “justify” going to war, the public was disgusted. Not to mention all of those contracts Junior handed away to his buddies, that netted them trillions of dollars but also made a lot of widows, confused the Republican voter.


#3. Ronald Reagan- Reagan is considered a hero to every forsaken Republican. However, he would never be elected in today’s Republican party. They worship him because Reagan was the only Republican president in the past 35 years to rule in prosperity. He did not flagrantly destroy the country like Bush and his son did. Under Reagan, America was more elite than it had been for sixty years.

Reagan’s destruction was actually much more damaging than any Republican president. He introduced trickle down economics. In my opinion, that is your killer!

First he killed unions, the most crucial component of a healthy middle class. Union membership plunged during Reagan’s presidency. It is microscopic today. Ronald Reagan was the first US president to actively dismantle the middle class in order to benefit the wealthy.

That was when the downward spiral began.

Reagan convinced America that his massive tax cuts for the wealthy would ‘trickle down’ to everyone else. Countless economists have proven trickle down does not work. Regardless, Republican politicians keep promoting this snake oil, and digging our economies grave deeper.

Portrait Of Ronald Reagan...WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 14: U.S. President Ronald Reagan poses in the White House December 14, 1981 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Arnold Newman/Getty Images)

Originally published at Poli(tics) Today.