How are my Identities going to alter my college experience?

Everyone is unique in their own way and the qualities they have usually shape something in their lives such as their friend groups, living arrangements, or in my instance College experience. When I look at my identities, I think of my African heritage, my middle-upper class living arrangements, and my higher education.

When applying for schools there are always scholarships out there looking for people in the minority area, so being partially black in this instance was not a downfall what-so-ever. Going into the career field as a black pharmacist opened a lot of doors for me and allowed me to not worry as much about other competitors going for pharmacy as well.

Living in a middle-upper class housing area with my mother and step-father made everything easier in the college aspect. Not having to pay for my own tuition since they want me to graduate college as a first generation student, not having to pay for my groceries, not having to pay for my supplies, and constantly being handed things such as a new computer, a new bike, and a new t.v. all helped me with my college experience because I will never have to worry about anything financially and I will just have to worry about school.

My social identity of me having a higher education past high school is a identity that at this point in my life, I am most proud of. Being a first generation student puts a lot of weight on my shoulders in the aspect of my family wanting me to pass with all A’s and B’s since they do not know how hard college really is. So, instead of just worrying about myself and what I get for good grades, I have to worry about my family (the people paying for my schooling) and what they think of how I am doing in school.

All in all, my identities shape many things in my life and at this moment and affecting mainly my college life, but as my father always says, “Even when you think their can be no positive outcomes, there will always be something good that comes out of a bad situation.”