Cleveland Cavaliers Are Next NBA Team To Add Logo to Game Jerseys

The Cleveland Cavaliers became the 6th NBA team to agree to terms to wear a corporate logo on their NBA jerseys. Just thirteen months ago, the NBA approved teams of signing with companies to allow a corporation’s logo on game uniforms in the upper-left corner. You will see the Goodyear wingfoot on all Cavaliers’ uniforms starting the 2017–2018 season but even in video games, trading cards, and on social media.

The terms of the deal between Goodyear and the Cavaliers were not disclosed but it is expected to be roughly a $30 million advertising value because of the team’s popularity. What’s unique about Goodyear is that they are headquartered out of Akron, Ohio. The same town that superstar, Lebron James, grew up and currently resides.

The Cavaliers will be joining the Philadelphia Sixers (StubHub), Sacremento Kings (Blue Diamond), Boston Celtics (GE), Brooklyn Nets (Infor) and Utah Jazz (Qualtrics) as the first teams to sign a sponsor in such way. Look for more teams to follow this trend as they have five months until the season begins.