How Clemson is Changing the Landscape of College Athletics on Social Media

When Clemson University Athletic Director, Dan Radakovich, took over the duty in 2012, he had a vision to modernize the institution’s athletic department. Employees, Jeff Kallin and Jordan Plumblee, discussed on the Official Twitter for National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators the road they took to digitally transform Clemson Athletics. Their main target audience are current student athletes, fans, potential fans, and recruits. Clemson focuses a majority of their time on recruiting athletes and making sure that recruits always feel welcome on campus and wanted. Clemson was very early on in college athletics to use social media as a resource to recruit.

Clemson really cares about their fans and they do not care if the Clemson Football team is your second favorite team. Clemson’s success has shown as being the #1 ranked College Football Twitter by Sports Illustrated. They also do not care about who is doing what work. The social media and marketing teams are told to drop their egos and try to look at the end result together instead of against each other on who can post the best content. They are constantly looking for more content and even found that the baseball equipment manager was a huge asset to their team when he pitched some ideas. We have seen Clemson Athletics’ success improve in all sports over the past few years and I do not expect them to go anywhere but up.