Inside The Growing Social Media Skills Gap

In today’s world, social media is used by individuals and businesses on a daily basis. Social media has only been around for roughly a decade yet 90% of U.S. companies are currently exploiting it to grow their brand and business. However, this does not mean these U.S. companies are effectively using these social media platforms. Social media as a whole is evolving and expanding year in and year out. Ryan Holmes, the author of “Inside The Growing Social Media Skills Gap” argues that formal training and education programs are seriously falling behind as social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are continuing to strengthen.

Holmes believes that individuals that use social media daily still need to be trained to use these platforms effectively to strengthen their business. “Just because somebody grows up being a social media native, it doesn’t make them an expert in using social media at work,” states William Ward, a professor of social media at Syracuse University. The gap between social media skills is going unnoticed in missed opportunities in revenues. Universities are starting to offer courses in social media in the workplace and this shall only help the future of social media usage by businesses.