The Man Behind Philadelphia Phillies Twitter

I was fortunate enough to listen to the head of the Philadelphia Phillies Twitter account, Tim Stoeckel. Tim is in complete charge of the verified account on a daily basis and discussed with us his unique strategies and issues he runs into everyday. The Phillies Twitter account bio currently is “Not the GM. Not the manager. Not the players. Not a meteorologist. Just the official Twitter account of the Philadelphia Phillies. #RingTheBell .”

This sums up what Tim Stoeckel deals with on a daily basis. On a daily basis, Tim tries to always be tweeting positively, even though the team is struggling. Fans are constantly tweeting their ideas to make the team better or just flat out negativity of the team’s performance. Tim explained that it can be frustrating at times because he has no control over the Phillies’ organization decision-making. It is not his decision who plays, sits, or gets demoted to the minor leagues. He also gets annoyed when questions are asked to him that he would have no idea about: like asking if tonight’s game will get cancelled due to rain. Hence the meteorologist reference in the bio.

However, it seems like Tim Stoeckel really enjoys his job running the Twitter account of a professional baseball team. It also seems like he is really effective at his job as he explained that he has thought of great ideas to give away tickets and apparel to fans when an interesting engagement occurs over the Twittersphere. After listening to Tim speak, I would definitely consider getting into social media in sports.