Friendly in-home iPhone/iPad/Samsung repair techs.

“Did it break?”

We’ve all had that terrifying feeling right after we drop our phone clumsily on to a hard surface. As our precious device lies helplessly face down the fearful thought enters our mind, “Did it break?”

When the worst case scenario happens and you find yourself with a broken phone what’s next? You can go to a local mall and give your phone to someone at a kiosk offering a cheap fix with cheap parts. This seems like the most logical option right? WRONG! Many companies offer a cheap repair at the cost of unqualified individuals performing the repair using cheap knock off parts. This doesn’t just put your phone in danger but it also puts your pictures and contacts in jeopardy.

A growing trend in mobile repairs is a company called iCracked which offers an affordable in home repair option which takes all the hassle out of driving around looking for a repair shop. Currently, iCracked has a largest network with 3,000+ iTechs and counting.

On the iCracked website the listed repair services include cracked screens, charging ports, microphones, headphone ports, home buttons, ear speakers, side buttons, front and rear cameras, power buttons, loud speakers, and batteries. Most repairs come with a lifetime warranty and use the highest quality authentic parts.